Sequence Board Game


  • Indoor Games
  • Ideal for Children aged 7 and up
  • Can play 2 to 12 players at a time


Sequence Board Game

Educates and train your brain with strategic sequence board game. If you are tired of your kids watching TV and playing mobile games all the time and want to channel your kid’s excess energy then the Sequence board game is the perfect solution. This Sequence game teaches your child about strategy, think logically, act smartly and cautiously. Using these skills, your child will grow into an adult who doesn’t give in to impulse decisions but will approach their problems from every possible angle before making up their minds.

Not only the Sequence board game is for kids but it can also be a great way to spend time together as a family. This game allows two players/two teams or three players/three teams to play. As you can have up to 12 players, All you need is a enough indoor or outdoor to sit comfortably and to keep the Sequence game board on.


How to Play:

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Yellow, Army Green, Pink

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Adjustable Straps, Door Anchor, Suspension Anchor, Hexagon wrench, Extended belt, Sports belt, Net bag

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