LiveUp Ankle Weights – 1Kg Pair



  • Overall Weight 1KG
  • Delivered in Pair (1/2Kg, 1/2Kg)
  • Can be used to along with other exercises
  • Ideal for use on Wrists and Ankles

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LiveUp Ankle Weights helps to intensify regular training, tone muscles, force heart and lungs for more effort and thus increases cardiovascular fitness. Easy to apply but should not be underestimated in their effect! Very comfortable with long Velcro, so its easy to use, even on the ankles. These weights are the perfect accessory for an effective running and fitness training: arm and leg muscles are strengthened and endurance improved . Ankle weights are also ideal for use in recreational sport for the true “2 in 1” effect. Your muscles will built up and you feel fitter.



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