Agility Speed Ladder 4M



  • Adjustable flat plastic rungs for safety
  • Durable Nylon straps
  • 4M (8rung)


Speed ladders, also called agility ladders, are pieces of athletic equipment to help you train to move your feet faster. Imagine a ladder lying flat on the ground, typically made of flat rope (so you don’t trip and injure yourself). Then you go through various repetitions using your feet and the speed ladder.

It uses for all kinds of Athletic exercises, like the feared bunny hop, or the hop scotch drill you did as a child. Of course, there are more advanced drills such as the Tango/Mambo drill, but they all do one thing – they get you to move your feet. It is this repetition by using a speed ladder that increases your speed, helps you jump higher and makes you quicker


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