6LBs Serious Mass Whey Protein


  • Brand: Optimum Nutrition
  • Net Weight: 6LBs (2.72kg)
  • Servings: 8

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ZARA Sports brings Serious Mass online in Pakistan. Serious Mass is a substantial weight-gain supplement that can be used to feed serious calorie needs in a variety of different ways.


  • 1,250 calories per serving in water; 1,630-plus calories when made with low fat milk.
  • 50 grams of protein from a combination of faster andslower digesting sources including Whey, Casein,and Egg.
  • 250-plus grams of carbohydrates to support fueling of intense workouts and aid in the replenishment of glycogen stores – with NO ADDED SUGAR.
  • Enhanced with Creatine, L-Glutamine & Glutamine. Peptides, Choline, Inositol, PABA, and MCTs.
  • 25 Vitamins & Essential Minerals with an emphasis on B-Vitamins and Antioxidants.

Add two heaping scoops of Serious Mass to a blender filled
with 24 oz. of water. Blend for 45-60 seconds. Then add a few
ice cubes and, if desired, other calorie-contributing
ingredients (see “Supercharge Your Serious Mass” below) and
blend for an additional 30-45 seconds. TIPS: Mixing two scoops
of Serious Mass with 24 fl. oz. of nonfat or low fat milk instead
of water will give you a thicker, creamier, higher-calorie shake.daily for the first week and then gradually increase to 1 or
more full servings several times a day.

BETWEEN MEALS: Drink ½ -1 serving of Serious Mass between
meals to maintain positive nitrogen balance and support a
high-calorie diet.
POST-WORKOUT: Begin drinking ½ -1 serving
of Serious Mass 30-45 minutes following exercise to support
maximum recovery.
BEFORE BED: Drink ½ -1 serving of Serious
Mass about 45-60 minutes before bed to provide nutrients to
recovering muscle throughout the night.


Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 334 g (2 heaping scoops)
Servings Per Container 8
Amount Per Serving % DV
Calories 1250.00
Calories from Fat 35.00
Total Fat 4.00 g 6%
Saturated Fat 2.50 g 13%
Cholesterol 80.00 mg 27%
Total Carbohydrate 253.00 g 84%
Sugars 20.00 g
Protein 50.00 g 100%
Vitamin A  5000.00 IU 100%
Vitamin C 60.00g 100%
Vitamin D 200.00 IU 50%
Vitamin E 30.00 IU 100%
Vitamin B6 5.00 mg 250%
Vitamin B12 10.00 mcg 167%
Zinc 15 mg 100%
Calcium 630.00 mg 63%
Iodine 150.00 mcg 100%
Iron 5.00 mg 28%
Magnesium 140.00 mg 35%
Phosphorus 460.00 mg 46%
Manganese 2.00g 100%
Copper 1.00g 50%
Sodium 430.00 mcg 18%
Pottasium 970.oo mg 28%


Notice: Do not use as a sole source of nutrition for weight loss or maintenance. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

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