LiveUp Gymnastic Rings



  • Material:  Fiber
  • Outside Diameter:  9.44″
  • Ring thickness: 28mm
  • Strap L x W: 15ft x 1″
  • Capacity: 600 lbs


These professional heavy duty LiveUp Gymnastic Rings are used for building muscles and strength, specially designed to help and train in weight exercise such as Pull-ups, Push-ups, Dips, Line muscle-ups, chest flies and more. It Builds core strength and tones the muscles of the body depending upon the exercise chosen.
Featuring a heavy duty strap with a buckle system for quick set up and adjustments, you can simply throw them over a tree branch, a pull up bar, or your Power Rack. These rings are ideal for the huge upper body and the core function of the force.


The Box Include:

  • Pair of Rings which are 28mm thick and 24cm in Diameter (outer).
  • Pair of Long adjustable Nylon Strap which is approx 15 ft long and 1 inch wide.
  • The adjustable Locking buckets helps to adjust the height easily.

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